We use Inspire ICE® for our clear braces. Unlike ceramic brackets that are opaque and colored to mimic a particular tooth shade, Inspire ICE® brackets are crystal clear and virtually disappear regardless of tooth shade. Inspire ICE is the only completely transparent bracket on the market. With their patented sapphire material, they will not stain or discolor over time, so you will look great throughout your treatment.

Through advanced heat-treatment technology, Inspire ICE® brackets are twice as resistant to breakage than other ceramic braces.

Inspire ICE® is the lowest profile clear bracket on the market. (See picture below) Their innovative manufacturing provides a smooth surface and rounded contours to greatly enhance comfort.

With Inspire ICE® brackets you can do all the precise movements as needed. There are no limitations or interruptions like clear retainer trays (Invisalign). With Inspire ICE® braces we are able to do vertical changes, width changes, forward-backward changes. This is in contrast to Invisalign, where tooth movements are limited.

It is never too late to have that smile you always wanted. Now you can move teeth at any age to achieve a beautiful result that is youthful and dynamic. Inspire ICE® are discreet, so they won’t interfere with your busy, active lifestyle.

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